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what is SECI?


introducing SECI

Seci is an open-source, community-based payment solution for businesses and individuals. The Seci team will be releasing easy to integrate website plugins and application platforms that will allow users to painlessly accept and use Seci, both online and in store.

With a focus on community and open-source development, Seci aims to engage the masses, encouraging the development and usage of industry-changing applications. Seci also brings improved security to the table in comparison to its competitors in the cryptocurrency space, with true decentralization made possible by it’s blockchain core and ASIC resistant algorithm.

secor, seci, secutus

Latin - verb

aim at
reach after
strive for
make for



SeciPay is an integrated payment gateway for online commerce that will eliminate the need for payment processors, merchants, and brokers by allowing users to purchase goods and services directly on the website with their cryptocurrency wallet.

Seci Blockchain Services

The Seci blockchain has the ability to host dedicated and/or application-specific side chains to provide services and applications while sharing the Seci Network's POW Pool and SeciNodes (Masternodes). Seci Blockchain Services are competitive with other commercial blockchain services, such as Microsoft Azure Blockchain Services and Ripple Labs xVia and xCurrent solutions, allowing Seci to provide commercial public and private ledgers, public and private financial and capital service applications, and supply chain applications.

Seci Blockchain Services


The Seci Team aims to make the integration and management of Seci and it’s products painless and simple. SeciBusiness will make this possible. Outside the release of separate open-source products, Seci will be releasing a deployment management application for business users to manage their Seci products and monitor the performance and statistics of their Seci integrations.


SeciNodes, known commonly as masternodes, allow the Seci Network to operate securely and soundly, as well as bring in new payment technologies to improve and benefit the project.

Seci ReX Rev.2

Reactive Rebalance Algorithm: ReX Rev.2

To ensure long-term network stability, protect the ROI of SeciNode holders and miners, and to assist in stabilization of price and market volumes via buy and sell pressure on the markets, Seci makes use of a Reactive Rebalancing Algorithm: ReX rev. 2. This technology shifts incentives toward network and market health via variable rewards.

SECI Specifications

  • Block Reward

    10 SECI

  • Total Coin Supply

    150,000,000 SECI

  • Block Time

    1 Minute

  • Premine & Dev Fund

    Premine: 7%
    Dev Fund: 5% / Block

  • SeciNode Cost

    30,000 SECI

  • Mainnet Ports

    RPC: 9818
    P2P: 9819


Whether you're looking to mine, trade, use SeciPay, or host a mining pool, start here.


Accept SeciPay

WordPress (WooCommerce) | June '18 BETA Launched

Donations/Form Support | Q3 '18

Shopify | Q3 '18

Magento | Q3 '18

SeciBusiness | Q4 '18



May, 2018

  • Mainnet Launch
  • Announcement
  • Whitepaper
  • Website Launch
  • Block Explorer
  • Windows/Linux Wallet
  • SeciNodes launch
  • Reactive Rebalance Active
  • Launch Social Media & Web Properties

June, 2018

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Mobile, Cross-platform Wallet (in progress)
  • Mac Wallet
  • Launch SeciPay Beta
    • WordPress/WooCommerce Integration
  • Small/Medium Exchange Listing (Safe.Trade)

July, 2018

  • Secipay V1 Release
  • SeciPay Launch Marketing Campaign
  • Begin SeciPay V1.5 Development
    • Continue WordPress integrations (Gravity Forms, etc)
  • Begin SeciBusiness Development

Aug / Q3, 2018

  • List on larger exchange (CREX24)
  • Continue Marketing Campaign
  • SeciPay V1.5 Release (in progress)
  • Begin SeciPay V2 Development
    • Shopify Integration (Awaiting Partner Approval)
    • Support for BTC, ETH, LTC (in progress)
  • Continue SeciBusiness Development
    • First Look / Beta

Q4, 2018

  • SeciBusiness V1 Release
  • SeciPay V2 Release
  • SeciBusiness Marketing Campaign
  • SeciPay V2 Marketing Campaign
  • Seci Blockchain Services V1 Beta


  • SeciPay support for additional commerce platforms and currencies
  • Seci Blockchain Services V1 Launch
  • SeciPay Point of Sale Integration / Partnerships
  • Continue Iterating on SeciBusiness
  • Convention Attendance & Marketing
  • Podcast/Event Speaking Engagements
  • Team Growth & Expansion
  • SeciBusiness Integration w/ third party analytics/BI services (Google Analytics, etc)

the TEAM

The Seci team spans the globe, consisting of seasoned professionals in the cryptocurrency, sysadmin, development, design, marketing, and public relations fields.

Each of the founders owns or has owned their own successful businesses, with more than their fair share of dues paid in the corporate world holding titles that include sysadmin, BI analyst, marketing director, dev team lead, and many others through the decades.

We're here to bring enterprise professionalism to the industry, starting where it counts - commerce.


Engineering | SysAdmin | Development | Product Design

Hamrex is a twenty-seven year veteran of the professional IT industry and boasts an impressive number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies on his extensive client list. His skill sets include Development, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Solution Architecture, Cloud Solution Architecture and Distributed Architecture.
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Design | Web | Marketing | Operations | Community

Soepchik is a seasoned web professional with over a decade of web, technology, and marketing industry experience. He has worn many hats, including Operations Manager, Director of Marketing, and Development Team Lead at multiple technology companies.
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Development | Infrastructure

Graventi is the lead on the SeciPay project. With 10 years of web development experience under his belt in PHP, WordPress, Javascript, Node.js, and many other technologies, he is the perfect mix of hardcore development and intense problem solver that the team needs to deliver SECI's vision.


Community Management | Marketing

Chaos is formally educated in finance, a veteran miner, and an altcoin/masternode junky that enjoys investing his time into promising projects and lending a hand in community management and marketing.