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SECI Icon + Cube Sticker Sheet – 6x4in Sheet




Sheet of stickers with 4x SECI icons/marks & 2x 3D cubes with a white background. Dimensions approximately 6in x 4in total and 2×2 each sticker.

If you do not want the actual stickers and just want to test, we can refund your SECI – simply send us the transaction ID with a request to cancel/refund your order.

If you are just testing and will be getting a refund, you can use any address (just let us know), and you can always fake a phone number.

Stickers will be bulk ordered. Check Discord for order date. Once ordered, turnaround is ~4-5 days. Then they will be shipped to you. Please notify us if you do not actually want them shipped (if you use a fake address just to test).

Additional information

Dimensions 6 x 4 x .1 in


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